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Phase 1 — Lunar circle

Transformational learning, community building and wealth redistribution

We lean into abolitionist education legacies to create learning and donor organizing spaces where Asian Americans can build community and learn about Asian Americans’ relationship to race, racism, and activism in the US. We host 12 week community giving circles for Asian Americans to  build community, learn about our relationships to race and racism in the US, pool resources, and move $100,000 of capital to Black and Indigenous-led power-building.

Our next giving circle will launch in 2022 - stay tuned for more info soon.

Our vision

10 Asian American women, trans, non-binary, and gender non conforming folks - women of all identities welcome!

Pre-Program Conversation

We get to know each other, share goals for the program, and walk through commitments & expectations.

12 week Giving Circle Program

We have 2-3 hour meetings on Zoom. It’s approximately 2 hours a week of work outside of circles (webinars, peer connections, research, etc.). Casual, cozy vibes.

How it Works

$ 5,000 - $ 10,000 contribution per member

Lunar Project Matching Funds

Particapatory Funding Process

$ 100,000 to Black and Indigenous Communities

The Giving Circle Process will help prototype and build towards a $20M integrated capital fund.

Our next cohort will launch in the first half of 2022 - please stay tuned for when the application will be released.

What’s in it for you?

  • 12 weeks of community education focused on Asian American history, race and racism, activism, solidarity funding, and more;
  • Presentations and Q+As with guest speakers and experts from the field;
  • Webinars with movement leaders, integrated capital and solidarity funders, and culture makers;
  • Opportunities to learn from and build relationships with community leaders;
  • Unique experience in participatory funding;
  • Amplify the impact of your investment through leveraging the group’s pooled funds;
  • A new community that will last well beyond the 12 week giving circle;

Topics We’ll Explore

  • Personal and community stories, values, and histories;
  • Asian Americans’ relationship to race, racism, and white supremacy;
  • Asian American movement history;
  • Our money stories;
  • Power
  • Capital as a tool of oppression and liberation
  • Anti-blackness
  • Solidarity and allyship
  • Solidarity funding
  • Participatory funding
  • Integrated capital

Phase 2 — Lunar fund

A Solidarity Fund for Collective Liberation between Asian American and Black and Indigenous communities

Using learnings from the Giving Circles, we are building a $20M+ integrated capital fund. Rooted in solidarity, racial justice, and trust, we will deploy patient, flexible, integrated capital to Black and Indigenous-led organizations, businesses, and community developments. The fund will be aligned with a community advisory group of Black and Indigenous movement and community development leaders, who will make funding decisions and help us build our pipeline.

The LUNAR Fund’s investment thesis draws from the applied practice of solidarity through our giving circles and centers authenticity and alignment between financial and non-financial resources in achieving a just future.

Interested in LUNAR’s investment thesis? Please contact us via to schedule an intro call.

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