LUNAR: Asian american solidarity in action

LUNAR is a vehicle for Asian American solidarity and participation.

It is named after the moon, which has served as a guide for time and direction for many Asian cultures ranging from calendars to seafaring. It is a space to shape change, together.

Our vision

What’s LUNAR about?

Our vision

Equal parts community-building and investment fund, LUNAR’s vision is:

  • Transformed consciousness on an individual and community level regarding internalized racism and relationship to white supremacy for Asian Americans.
  • Transformed social relations between communities most impacted by white supremacy and Asian American communities from legacies of division, racism, and extraction towards solidarity, resource redistribution, and cross-cultural power-building.

Our thesis


Political Education

Collective Action through Capital Deployment

New Collective Consciousness, Cross-Cultural Power-Building, & Reimagined Social Relations

Sabrina & Yichen

Who are we?

Sabrina and Yichen came together as two curious capital managers from philanthropy (Sabrina) and private equity (Yichen) — two sectors that respectively manage $1.5T and $4T of capital globally but seldom collaborate in aligned capital deployment.

We were on our separate journeys, looking internally at what we wanted from our life’s work and externally at the systems change required to build a just economy. LUNAR was a seed buried deep within each of us as we chugged along, waiting for the right time, space, and collaboration to draw creative energy and help our seedling break through the soil.

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Community partners

We are in solidarity with our Community Partners who are our co-conspirators in political education and movement building through dialogue and mutual support.



Circle members

We launched our inaugural giving circle in July 2021 with an amazing community of 11 Asian American women and gender non-conforming folks who came together for 12 weeks to engage in political education on Asian Americans’ relationship to race and racism and resource needs in Black and Indigenous communities, and to collectively imagine new ways of flowing resources that shift and share power, build authentic relationship, and embody solidarity. The group moved $100K of pooled capital in support of Black and Indigenous movement-building.

circle members

Bekkah Scharf

Bekkah Scharf (she/her) is a mixed heritage Ashkenazi Jewish and Chinese-American who was born and raised in the Bay Area. She currently works at Bend the Arc: A Jewish Partnership for Justice, where she implements community programming for Bay Area Jews of Color. Bekkah has also volunteered with Resource Generation, NorCal Resist, National Lawyers Guild, and various local elections. Bekkah is passionate about knowing one's history, culture (food!), and traditions, and turning this knowledge into fuel to fight for collective liberation. You can read her articles in Lilith Magazine, and find her art in the Radical Jewish Calendar and other publications.

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Bradley Wo

Bradley Wo (he/him) is a 5th-generation, Chinese American born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. He has studied and worked at foundations and non-profits in the US and Asia, most recently at Asia Philanthropy Circle in Singapore. After five years in Asia, he has recently returned to the US to continue his studies in New York. He is grateful for the opportunity to join LUNAR and apply a personal, Asian American perspective to practices of philanthropy and reciprocity.

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Elizabeth Wang

Elizabeth Wang (she/her) is active in the Donors of Color Network and its Climate Justice Working Group, and serves as a Board director of the New York Women’s Foundation. A pragmatic and creative technology lawyer, Elizabeth is also a mediator and restorative justice practitioner. She is deeply committed to supporting healing from systemic and intergenerational harms. Previously Elizabeth was an associate at Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton, in-house counsel at Simon & Schuster, general counsel of DoubleClick (now part of Google), and adjunct professor at Columbia Law School.

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Erika Gee

Erika Gee (she/her) was born and raised in Los Angeles, Erika Gee is an educator, community planner, and cultural worker. She currently serves as Fundraising and Program Manager at National Coaltion for Asian Pacific American Community Development (National CAPACD). Most recently, she was a senior planner at Chinatown Community Development Center in San Francisco, and Arts and Culture Fellow at The San Francisco Foundation. She has developed programs in museums, historic sites, and cultural organizations in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Erika holds a BA in History/Art History from UCLA and a M.S.Ed. in Museum Education from Bank Street College of Education.

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Jennifer Lin-Weinheimer

Jennifer Lin-Weinheimer (she/her, they/them) is a neurodivergent and chronically ill community-builder and cultural organizer rooted in reflective practices; independent and critical thought; cultural power, spiritual grounding, and divergence within activism; connection as a fundamental source of care, compassion, and healing; and cultural remembrance. I've been told my ancestral lineage traces back about sixteen generations in Taiwan. This lineage entails a complex relationship to settlerhood + occupation, having been both settler and occupied and settler now on Turtle Island. I am committed to moving money through relationship and care to counteract the transactional default in which we relate to money, even when moving it with good intentions. I do this through collaborative redistribution + gifting, mutual aid and ongoing learning.

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Jessica Jew

Jessica Jew (she/her) has worked in health policy and advocacy for the past 15 years in Los Angeles. Currently, she is Assistant Health Deputy to Supervisor Holly J. Mitchell, one of five County Supervisors. She lives with her husband Chris and her 3-year old Emile in Jefferson Park near the University of Southern California. Jessica loves traveling, hiking, biking, gardening, cooking and playing Ultimate frisbee.

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Joyce Ybarra

Joyce Ybarra (she/her) is a second generation Filipina American who has had spent over two decades in philanthropy, directing funding to nonprofits and social justice organizations throughout Southern California. She is a founding member of two giving circles dedicated to local API communities, and is excited to expand her giving through the LUNAR Giving Circle. As a mom of three daughters, her limited spare time is often spent cheering at their softball games, taking walks with her husband, and trying new restaurants with friends.

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Michelle Pham

Michelle Pham (she/her) is a second generation Vietnamese American woman born and raised in San Jose, CA (occupied Ohlone land) and based out of the Bronx (occupied Lenape land). She moved to NYC in 2009 to study law, researching critical race theory and race and the law with Professor Kimberlé W. Crenshaw and Columbia Law School’s African American Policy Forum and Center for Intersectionality and Social Policy Studies. Michelle has practiced as a transactional attorney for the past decade in law firms and is currently in-house at a tech company that is committed to meaningfully expanding employment opportunities for justice-impacted people. She enjoys long, meandering walks with her pitbull rescue, exploring the food, drinks, art, and music the city has to offer, and discussing with comrades all the ways in which we can build towards an abolitionist future.

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Saka Gupta

Saka Gupta (they/them) is a forever student of the earth and the moon. Guided by the lessons of transness, neurodivergence, the land, and the desire to belong, they seek to shape and be shaped by organizing through community care, reciprocity and farming. Saka is thrilled to be in community with other wealthy Asian Americans as we move through our personal and collective journeys to heal ourselves and our ancestors, understand and repair harms of race and class privilege, and joyfully redistribute money and power to Black and Indigenous leaders

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Sophia Jamal Kizilbash

Sophia Jamal Kizilbash (she/her) is a passionate fundraiser, community builder and mother based in Seattle, Washington. She is Pakistani and Greek American and brings lived experience with diverse class backgrounds. Sophia has worked for over two decades to foster community development and advance equity as an international development practitioner, and leads her own leadership coaching and consulting practice. As a LUNAR giving circle member, she is excited to provide opportunities for cross-racial solidarity for Asian Americans with class and wealth privilege as a channel for individual and collective healing through resource redistribution. Sophia earned a BS in Culture and Politics from Georgetown University, an MSc in Development Studies from the University of London, SOAS and is a certified professional coach. She is also actively growing in her caste abolition organizing work.

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Virginia Weihs

Virginia Weihs (she/her) lives in Seattle (Coast Salish land) with my family. I identify as mixed race (Chinese-American and white), queer, and someone with class privilege. I have previously been involved in organizations like Resource Generation and Social Justice Fund Northwest, where I got to learn and act in community around topics like our economic system, class/race/wealth divides, and resourcing social justice movements. I am really thrilled for the opportunity to educate myself, connect with other Asian Americans, and move money to Black and Indigenous communities through the Lunar Project Giving Circle.

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Xin Xin

Xin Xin (pronounced "shin") (she/her) is a nonprofit fundraising professional with human rights grantmaking experience. She believes movement-led philanthropy and donor-of-color activism support the revolutionary transfer of power necessary for social and racial justice movements. A first-generation immigrant to the United States, Xin is an intersectional feminist, who is pro-Black and anti-capitalist.

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Project members

Yichen Feng

Yichen Feng (she/her) is a first generation Chinese American with a large and loud family from Shanghai. She has spent the last 12+ years in finance, investing in and advising technology, media, and telecommunications companies with a focus on education technology. LUNAR is her wildest dream, where she is able to integrate multiple identities and use her skills in service of racial and economic justice.

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Sabrina Wu

Sabrina Wu (she/her) is a second generation Chinese American who has dedicated her career to social justice and equity. She brings to LUNAR a deep commitment to racial and economic justice, professional experience in philanthropy, community education, and designing a community governed fund, and her love of building community with Asian Americans, especially over food and politics!

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The Moon

The Moon (she/her/they/them). Our project is named after the moon, which has served as a guide for time and direction for many Asian cultures ranging from calendars to seafaring. It is a space to shape change, together. We look towards our ancestors and the role the moon has played in our cultures for guidance throughout this emergent process.

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LiZhen Wang

LiZhen Wang (they/them & she/her) is an astrologer, facilitator, and food-grower based in Huichin (Oakland) and Taipei. They have been a consulting astrologer since 2014, and in 2020 started the Astrology for Social Movements project. LiZhen's research focuses on the planetary patterns undergirding movements for abolition and collective freedom. They also teach a 3-month program called ON PURPOSE: An Astrological Discovery of What You’re Here For and co-founded the Block Build Be retreat, an annual gathering dedicated to harmonizing the wisdom of spirituality with the power of social movements— and that centers Black, Asian, and other POC, and strives to embody Disability Justice.

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Funding partners

Thank you to our Funding Partners who have generously seeded the solidarity vision of LUNAR from the very beginning. Your support has allowed us to convene the Lunar Circles and begin building a $20M Integrated Capital Lunar Fund.



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